Editing Services

We also provide editing services. For example, if you have to write a business proposal that needs to be written in English, please draft it as well as you can and then we will edit it professionally for you.

The way this works is that you submit the document to us via email or Skype and we will professionally edit it. We will edit half of it first and if you are satisfied, you will make the full payment, we will then edit the entire document and return it fully completed to you.
Please remember! Your final English document is a direct reflection of you, your business and your organization so it has to be extremely well written to assure a positive reaction from your employer, client or professor. We will edit practically anything that is written in English.

Here are some examples and associated costs:

  • Proposals     $50/page
  • Resumes – CVs     $25/page
  • University applications     $25/page
  • Company profiles     $25/page
  • Emails     $10/page
  • Theses     $50/page
  • Websites     $50/page
  • Menus     $50/page
  • Essays     $50/page
  • Movie scripts     $50/page
  • Fliers     $25/page
  • Pamphlets     $25/page
  • Speeches     $25/page
  • Questionnaires     $25/page
  • Press releases     $25/page
  • Job applications     $25/page
  • Bios      $25/page
  • Brochures     $50/page
  • Signage    $50/sign

Again, simply submit the document to us via email or Skype; we will edit half of it (depending upon the size of the document) , and if you are satisfied, you then will make your payment , we will complete the job and return it to you as soon as possible.

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