My Videos

I suggest that after signing up for my fun little course, that you start to utilize a video camera and start to record yourself. And don’t be afraid to look like a fool. Talk about something you care about, or just be funny. Then send me the Youtube link so that I can assess and get a better idea of how I’m going to help you to your goal. And remember, when you do speak English, take some chances. Use some new words that we came up with during our sessions. When I suggest a different way of saying something, or a different word or phrase, write it down and use it so you don’t forget it. Tweeking your English is not rocket science. It’s more hands on than anything. And lastly, ask questions such as, what does hands on mean? You can start to use that phrase. This is what it’s all about.  

In this video, I’m having some fun in Pattaya, Thailand with some of the local Thai girls.

I sing a Dylan song here but I think it’s sort of a cool vid.

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